Linen Size Chart

Please use our linen hire chart to view the different tablecloths that will fit your table. Select your table, then you will see the linen drop towards the floor. as a general rule all UK dining tables will stand 29 – 30 inches from the floor. If you are in any doubt about linen, then please give my staff a call, as we are hear to assist.

Linen Selection Chart

All tables based on a standard height of 30″

Table Size2’6″ Square4’x2’6″ Trestle6’x2’6″ Trestle3′ Round4′ Round5′ Round5’6″ Round6′ Round
Recommended number of guests2 people4 people6 to 8 people4 people4 to 6 people6 to 8 people8 to 10 people10 people
Linen Size
54″ x 54″ Square12″ drop9″ drop
70″ x 90″21/20″ drop
90″ x 90″ Square30″ drop27″ drop21″ drop15″ drop12″ drop9″ drop
70″ x 108″18/20″ drop
70″ x 144″
108″ x 108″ Square30″ drop24″ drop21″ drop18″ drop
90″ Circular27″ drop21″ drop15″ drop12″ drop9″ drop
110″ Circular31″ drop25″ drop22″ drop19″ drop
120″ Circular30″ drop27″ drop24″ drop
130″ Circular32″ drop29″ drop